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Moon ; Door


Experimental Report 


The passage or boundary, the door that I see every day connects and cuts me with the world differently every day.

The small window on the door reflects excitement and hesitation.

I wish I could keep the door open calm and still. I hope that the stillness is steadfast and firm.


< Moon ; Door (series title) > is a work that contains my attitude and wish to face the world. 

At the same time, it is also the result of practice and experiment not to stop the wish with daydream.


The long experiment began by fear and obsession with artwork. In the face of invisible boundaries faced by female, artists, and non-major researcher, my artworks piled up on one side of the studio as if whispering that they are nothing but an immature imagination and play.

Practice began by creating materials that make up the artwork. So that you can make it more intuitive, to allow the intuition last a little longer, sustainable.


I feel relieved in front of the pure white door made through this experiment. Maybe all this is just a play with attachment doll. 

Nevertheless, if someone can use this as a comfort and face, open the door again, It is good enough as a result of the experiment

To be exhibited : 8.27 ~ 9.2,  August , 2022  

                             ( Location ) Lee & Lee Gallery, Los Angeles

차지연_#001 moon.jpg
차지연_#002 moon.jpg
차지연_#004 moon.jpg
차지연_#003 moon.jpg
차지연_#005 moon.jpg
차지연_#006 moon.jpeg
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