Artist Statement


Artworks should be useful as well. It was this idea which made me want to make art furniture with clay . 

Hidden within the very bold colors is the technique of water and smeared painting.

Leaves, stars, and hearts are scattered over the furniture.

It is a universal symbol that expresses nature, dreams and love, and is decorated with the most primitive shapes.

I used these shapes to create an art furniture that can be placed anywhere and convey a feeling of happiness and
hope to the existence of the space.

I make art furniture using insulation materials of hollow spheres.

Clay made of this insulating material becomes very hard after hardening at room temperature. It has a stone-like texture.

I love putting water coloring-like patterns on this hardened piece.

I found myself very fond of that work process.

This is because furniture is one of our food, clothing and shelter, and it is an essential part of our lives.


I wanted to create functional beauty.

Making process are built and fleshed out inspired by the way houses are built.

Insulation is a very urgent and important part to protect global warming.

The part I want to say the most through my work is happiness and hope.

I want to share my color and shape and perspective with others.